What is Doubly LinkedList?

In Doubly LinkedList, each node consist of two references. One reference to previous Node and other to Next Node.
You can traverse back in Doubly LinkedList whereas you can’t traverse back in Singly LinkedList.

A simple DoublyLinkedList Class

package com.diaryreaders.datastructures.LinkedList;
public class DoublyLinkedList {
private DoublyLinkedList prev;
private DoublyLinkedList next;
private int data;
public DoublyLinkedList getPrev() {
return prev;
public void setPrev(DoublyLinkedList prev) {
this.prev = prev;
public DoublyLinkedList getNext() {
return next;
public void setNext(DoublyLinkedList next) { = next;
public int getData() {
return data;
public void setData(int data) { = data;


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